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The choice of towns was quite subjective, split between a broad geographic spread and names of towns that were evocative. I avoided capital cities for various reasons, one reason being that the central reference dial embodies the time in a suburb which happens to be in the provinces.

The height of the circles in the facade schematically indicates the variations in latitude in the towns concerned. In addition, the distribution along the length was based on intervals representing longitudes.

Hour lines are calculated using software developed in 1991 by Stéphane Robin, a computer engineer who has worked closely with me on most of my sundial projects.

The main colours of each dial are associated with the name of the town which embodies its geographic co-ordinates so as to represent its climate, considered a subjective quality.

"Elsewhere" there is a very complex set of accurate information, friendships, memories and wishes … Perhaps colour is an abstract dimension that can represent this “emotional geography”.