The 8th dial is in line
Filmed by a Webcam, it gives the solar time of the towns which are listed every each minute. Since the variance of the geographic co-ordinates of various points of the planet with Vaulx-en-Velin corresponds to a mathematical differential of the aligned dial, the solar time of this suburb of Lyon therefore serves as a world reference. The list of selected points around the planet is open. These are places where some students wanted to propose a "depiction" to accompany the table of figures, producing an image of this "other place". This interactive dial has undergone changes in recently months owing to the fact that the inclusion of an additional point on the world map requires patient team work.
We will also add some new points located in the northern hemisphere (town, village or hamlet). We therefore invite internauts to suggests a significant aligned depiction that:
- offers a subjective and inspired view on the said locality,
- comprises a medium (images, texts, sound) with a reasonable numerical weight.

Each of these pages, grouped together to form our interactive dial, must be signed by the author.
Send us your files:
For the images: GIF ou JPEG
For texts: Word, txt, claris, etc…
All data must be compressed (ZIP or hqx) and sent by E-mail.