7+1 Sundials at the Robert Doisneau lycée in Vaulx-en-Velin
The project and its roll-out
The south facade of the main part of the east building comprises seven circular sundials and a line of text (a maxim). The total surface area covered is 2m50 high and 19m40 long. The largest dial at the centre is based on the geographic co-ordinates of Vaulx en Velin. It indicates the Greenwich and the dates by integrating the equation of time (analemmas). 3 dials facing west indicate the mean time in Halifax, Chihuahua and Anchorage. 3 dials facing east show the mean time in Assuan, Novosibirsk and Shanghai
A short maxim on one line in different intersected languages includes the phrase:
"I can tell you what you are waiting for”, said the shadow.

* An eighth dial was built with the participation of the students.
Filmed by a camera, this dial is visible during daylight hours at Vaulx-en-Velin, without figures. Around this dial we inscribe tables of figures to enable some internauts in the northern hemisphere to obtain the solar time where they live by clicking on the name of their town or the equivalent point of longitude. This “world” solar time, calculated with Vaulx-en-Velin at the centre, is accompanied by images and texts collected and produced by students, thereby recording the narrative and symbolic aspect of the world seen at the time from here.

The time of measurements and stories
A birth certificate
Fresco in the sun
The maxim
Inclusion into the site
The eight dial