Reading solar time on an analemmatic dial is quite complicated for someone who has not been at least initiated in modern gnomonics. This requires some effect to concur with the legal time. With a dial giving the traditional local solar time, most passers-by generally consider that the time given by the shadow is "false"... Reading solar time is therefore no easier. The painted background and the maxim will usually reassure the profane viewer who boasts the aesthetic merits of the instrument.
In this dial, for the purpose of readability, the figures according to Delacroix refer to Godard’s film "Passion" and the maxim is taken from "l’art poétic" by Olivier Cadiot (neither a poem nor entirely a novel, a surgical coldness mixed with jubilation); this is the maximum listing that I felt possible on a roadside hotel restaurant. My initial idea was that truck drivers, even when crossing the Alps, are statistically among the most avid listeners of France-Culture.