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Poland is great, Polish people are so...
Article mis en ligne le 17 décembre 2017
dernière modification le 18 décembre 2017

par Ould Allal Nacera
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Poland is great, Polish people are so welcoming ! We speak English most of the time and there is plenty of time to socialize. We saw Warsaw on Saturday : Chopin, the Uprising, the lights, the walk we had was enchanting...

Sami : The atmosphere is quite nice, everyone is so shining, smiling all the time and welcoming.

Mattis : Polish students are welcoming and friendly : I like the atmosphere of the group.*

Sheyma : I really like Poland and Polish people because they are so sociable, nice, funny... I love Leczyca : it’s a beautiful town and I love my penfriend Julka.

Maëlle : Poland is a beautiful land. People are very nice and friendly, they welcome us. The story of the country touches me.

Zoé : I like Poland because the people are sociable so we can speak with them and laugh. It’s cool...

Lola : Polish people are friendly and funny. This trip is very funny and everyone gets along well despite unnecessary tensions.

Noémie : I think Poland is so different from France. I prefer France but I like the school atmosphere, it’s very pleasant. The group is nice and the trip is interesting. I will remember it for a long time.

Sofia : The trip was good, the visits were interesting. Lodz was a beautiful city but I think that one hour for shopping time wasn’t enough. Polish people are very nice and sociable.

Mylène : Very cool trip. Makes us talk and speak English more than we thought. Very open-minded group and sociable pupils. Kind Polish people

Justine : Very good trip. I like Poland but it’s cold ! The town, for me is old but I like Polish people. I will remember this trip and Polish people because now we are friends.

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