First day at school

mardi 13 juin 2017
par  Club média collège
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Hello ! My name is Elina Gorcheva I am in 6 emeF. I’m from Bulgaria. I speak Bulgarian, English, German and a little bit of French.

  • When I came to this school on 13th September 2016. I was scared because I did not speak and understand French and because the college is very big and I did not know where I needed to go but then I went to FLE. I met so much friends on this wonderful day.
  • In FLE is easier then the others subjects. We are doing a lot of exercises and activities. For example...once upon a time we had to do a exercise of ,,When I will be 30,, and we had to do an article about « Notre arrivée en France. »

Hi ! I am Crystal Ontiveros and I am in 6emeA in FLE intermediaire , I came into this school the 7th of February 2017. At first I didn’t like this school because I had to wake up very early but then I got used to it.When I came to this school I couldn’t understand French.

  • I come from America Provo, Utah but I lived in Mexico that’s why I know English and Spanish. My mom is from Switzerland, and my dad and the rest of my family is from Mexico.
  • So far I like this school because I have new friends. In FLE it is easier than normal French classes because you take the time to learn and know French.









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