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mardi 13 juin 2017
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  • Hello, my name is Danielle, I came to this school in November 2016, on the 17th to be precise. Checking in to the school took me quite a while since I had to take English and some French exams at the same time, then wait for the results for another week.
  • So, when I first walked into this school I saw something that I will never forget...I saw gigantic buildings, a canteen (just as impressive as the other buildings), chalk drawn class lines on the ground and such a big school territory that from the top of the stairs it looks like a park… Since then I’ve been in love with the school. As you heard me saying a lot of good things about the « collège » you will probably think that my former school in Malta can’t stand the comparison, won’t you ? And if you will... than yes, you’re right. I really do think that if I were given a choice between spending a week in this school or in my former school I would probably choose Ferney-Voltaire.
  • Now we’ll compare a bit :

MY FORMER SCHOOL in Malta : uniform, no hot food for lunch, only four languages (french, italian, spanish, of course english, and maybe german), lessons per week : 22 hours, free time per day :36 min.

THIS SCHOOL : no uniform, lunch with hot food, language sections, lessons per week : 26 hours, free time per day :1h55.

  • Talking about langages, both schools are good, but in my former school they taught us languages in English, and for example if we learn French at school at the end of the year we will probably leave school knowing where France is situated and what countries surround it than rather learn at least one French word. This college in Ferney Voltaire is GIGANTIC ! We can’t even compare it to my former school...Talking about languages again this school is better . Here we have a specific section for a lot of languages : Spanish, Italian, German, English and many more. The school wecomes more than a thousand pupils in all, plus the teachers and the staff, the lessons are mainly in French.
  • To be perfectly honest, I prefer this school here in Ferney, and if you have a problem with your former school or your moving to France then you should totally think about joining this school.
  • God knows how much I loved my former school, but I think you always have to keep looking for new things and choose the best !!!

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