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Thursday 16 February 2017
by  Club média collège
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Hello! I’m a new student at the college, I’m in 6° and I arrived in November, everything is new for me!

And this is my point of view about the English section.

English section is a pack of 8 lessons a week which include : English language lessons, English math lessons, history and geography in english, and at least 1 hour of library per week (counted as an english lesson). In all English lessons we may have tests/exams at the end of a topic, it can be any subject.

The English section is mostly organised because of children that come from another country were they spoke English before or learned English because of the school they were in. Thats why they organised the English section.

The library at the English coriculum is equipped with a lot of very interesting books.

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In the library you may read different types of books like: novels, classics, misteries.

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There is also a challenge organised by the teachers it is called the 100 books challange, for this challenge there is a special area, the actual challenge is a kind of little competition and in the same time we can read a lot of nice and interesting books.

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