Lycée E.Quinet
Lycée E.Quinet
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General presentation of the school

Hello! I'm a student in Edgar Quinet and I'd like to present my school.

Edgar Quinet is rather big . It is composed of three buildings A, B and C one of which is new . Building C is round . That's why it is called "La Rotonde". On the second floor there is the canteen whereas on the first one there is the common room. In building C , on the third and fourth floor, there are two outstanding rooms : one is for the history of Art , the other for music. Building B is very modern and pleasant whereas A is old.

(written by a class of fifth formers , the seconde 4 )

The headmaster of this high school is Jean Luc LAMOINE and the deputy head is Sylvie CUSSAC. There are approximately 130 teachers , 1400 students, 70 staff and 45 classes of students.
There are also "surveillants" who are students supervising the pupils during prep period . They stay near the canteen and are in charge of opening the gate. Edgar Quinet has got a good reputation and it has a cafeteria with delicious food.

(written by Maëva, Julie, Florane, Amélie)

The school policies

Here are some of the most important rules in school:

It is forbidden to have a mobile phone and to chew bubble gum in the buildings. We must respect the schedule of the gate which is locked during some hours and open during others. We are not allowed to smoke inside the school. The high school is secular so we mustn't wear a religious symbol. We have the right to go out if we don't have any class.

(written by Elise Kélian and Elodie)